Web Development

If you are completely new to web development, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you visit these links first:

Roadmap to Web Development:


Offline Documentation:

Command Line:


Programming Languages:

Front-End Programming Languages

Back-End Programming Languages

Web Frameworks:

Front-End Web Frameworks:

Back-End Web Frameworks:

See Also HotFrameworks​

Static Site Generators:

  • Sites/

    • ​StaticGen - Top Open Source Static Site Generators.

    • ​headlessCMS - Top Content Management Systems for JAMstack sites.

    • ​NetlifyCMS - Open source content management for your Git workflow.

    • ​Forestry - A static CMS that commits.

    • ​GatsbyGuides - Build blazing fast web applications with Gatsby 101


Text Editors and IDEs:

See text-editors-and-ides.md​

Regular Expressions and Algorithms:

Developer Tools:

See More: Gist by Brad Traversy​

Extra Resources: